Sustainability Statement

Flowers can have a huge impact on the appearance of an event or wedding but they also have a huge carbon footprint. We are consciously making an effort to offset this and achieve net zero status. If you are interested in our sustainability policy please email us.

This is a statement of what Lady Flora has done so far in our continual strive for sustainability.

Client visits & Quotations

Client visits to event venues are minimised until absolutely necessary. Initial viewings of sites are made with WhatsApp video and Facetime. We try to do Zoom calls instead of inperson meetings in order to save on transport costs and save the environment.

Usage of Renewable alternatives

When suggesting what event flowers to use for a particular event we suggest the use of reusable alternatives such as dried or silk flowers or faux trees.

Use of Seasonal flowers

We always use seasonal flowers for sure and locally grown or British grown ones where possible - which is in itself an environmentally friendly practice.


We try to minimise wastage by buying wisely and we encourage the offering of leftover flowers to guests attending our events or to local charities and we reuse flowers if possible otherwise. All waste is recycled.


The materials used when packaging our bouquets is biodegradable or recyclable. We recently chose to have a matt black bag designed for us instead of a shiny one so that we are not using plastic coating. All foliage that we use is purchased without packaging. An environmentally friendly flower gel is used to keep flowers fresh whilst being transported.

Fully electric vehicles

We deliver our flowers using our own electric vehicles or with delivery companies who are themselves aiming to be the greenest in the UK.

Energy & lighting

Our energy is renewable. The new lighting that we recently installed in our Covent Garden shop is energy saving. We do not use fridges to store our flowers in our shop, meaning that less energy is used.

No-oasis floristry

All new staff are trained in no-oasis floristry.